Individual Sessions

Relaxing, Balancing Energy Sessions
Lay down on a massage table to relax or sleep while enjoying relaxing and balancing energy. Most report experiencing a deep sense of peace as well as a refreshing vitalizing energy even after only a brief session.

Intuitive Readings
For intuitive readings by phone or in person, please phone Melodie at 303-359-6134. Please feel free to come prepared with a list of questions to ask about anything and everything. For example, queries could be made about soul purpose, dreams, choices, romance, health, career or past lives.

Affirmative Prayer
With years of studying and practice, Melodie utilizes a five-step scientific method of prayer that recipients report to be quite effective.

Creating Your Heart’s Desires
Do you want more love, better health, inner peace, more joy, prosperity or romance? These sessions are designed to assist you in creating more of what you want in life and releasing that which you desire to be released. Processes are designed to assisting in “creating your own reality” and “being IN the world but NOT of the world.” Feel free to bring a list of what you would like more of and less of in your life. Include any relationships in which you would like to experience more harmony and balance.

Manifesting Money
These sessions are designed to assist you in manifesting more money in addition to expanding your prosperity consciousness. Melodie uses many modalities to assist you including shamanic work, Reiki, multi-dimensional energy work, prayer and holding consciousness that you already have received the money you desire.

Pain Management
These sessions are designed to reduce pain through affirmative prayer, 3-minute techniques for less stress and relaxing, balancing energy work.

House Blessings & Energy Clearings
Melodie can drive to your home or building or do long distance House Blessings and Energy Clearings through affirmative prayer as well as energy work.

Melodie's Readings And Energy Work At Your Party
I am available to provide intuitive readings and energy work at your party. Call me at 303-359-6134 to discuss your party needs.



(Classes Section contains detailed descriptions)

Less Stress, More Results

Meditating Your Way To Inner Peace

Integrative Light Body: Realize & Strengthen Your Connection To Source Energy

Reiki ONE, TWO, THREE and Reiki Master TEACHER Classes

Intuitive readings over the phone by contacting Melodie at 303-359-6134 or in person appointments may be requested.