Classes are usually scheduled in the Lakewood area.  Please make a reservation for classes by calling Melodie at 303-359-6134. Reservations are required for classes in case a class needs to be rescheduled due to inclement weather or some other emergency.

Meditation Class:  Meditate Your Way Into Inner Peace
This class is designed to assist you into entering the stillness and quietness of the void.  The experience often finds students enjoying a tremendous sense of peace that can result temporarily in “no thought” at all.  Even if only experienced for a few moments, this form of deep meditation is described as very beneficial on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Tuition:  $10

NEW Kwan Yin Sacred Energy Intiation Class
Come and receive an initiation of Kwan Yin sacred energy of boundless compassion and loving kindness and receive handouts with symbols you can use to embody this HEART-centered energy. Tuition: $25

Manifesting Money & Other Desires
This class is designed to provide techniques and processes to assist you in manifesting money and any other desires you may have. Tools to raise consciousness also outlined.
Tuition:  $15

EmPOWER Yourself & Release Obstacles
This unique experience provides protocols for you to use whenever you choose to be more empowered and want to release any obstacles blocking you from creating that which you desire. Techniques designed to help your raise your energetic vibration are presented.
Tuition:  $25

Integrative Light Body: Realize & Strengthen Your Connections To Source Energy
This amazing energy work is designed to strengthen and energize your connection to source energy.  An important part of this energy work is to realign you perfectly to what is known as the “Grid.” This “Grid” passes through every cell of your body lining you up to everything else in this universe and beyond.  It is easy when traveling along life’s highways to hit a few bumps and get out of alignment, so to speak.  After realignment back into the “Grid,” many individuals report experiencing more peace with more vitality enabling them to better enjoy life to the fullest!
$225 (includes an extensive Integrative Light Body book)
Class Requirement:  One session for you to experience Light Body Grid Work before you learn to give Light Body Grid Work to yourself and others.One session for you to experience Light Body Grid work:   $80

Reiki is one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself.  This amazing relaxing and balancing energy is considered magical by some. Reiki is believed to enhance your well-being on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels. Reiki is one of the few energy work modalities that you can give to yourself. In these classes, you will learn how to give Reiki to yourself and others. Receiving a different Reiki sacred ceremony in each class turns on and then increases the amount of Reiki energy that flows through your body automatically for the rest of your life.  Each additional Reiki ceremony is estimated to square the amount of energy that flows through your body. Many believe you can not do Reiki incorrectly.  This may be due to the fact Reiki is translated from Japanese to English as “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Beginning Reiki ONE Class
In this class you will receive the Reiki ONE sacred ceremony attunement and a workbook explaining Reiki, ways to use Reiki, hand positions, different Reiki   techniques and history, etc.
$99 (includes a workbook)
Sacred Ceremony Only:   $35   (Phone Melodie to schedule an appointment)


Intermediate Reiki TWO Class
In this class, you will receive the Reiki TWO sacred ceremony attunement and a workbook explaining the various steps of providing Reiki treatments, new Reiki symbols, etc.
Tuition:  $125 (includes a workbook)
Sacred Ceremony Only: $35 (Phone Melodie to schedule an appointment)

Advanced Reiki THREE Class
In this class you will receive the Reiki THREE sacred ceremony attunement and a workbook to introduce you to more advanced Reiki symbols and techniques.
Tuition:   $175 (includes a workbook).
Sacred Ceremony Only$35 (Phone Melodie to schedule an appointment)

Reiki Master TEACHER Class
The Reiki Master Teacher class trains you to teach all 3 levels of Reiki classes as well as to give Reiki sacred ceremonies to others.
Tuition:  $250 (includes an extensive book

Less Stress, More Results Class
This class offers a variety of three-minute techniques to reduce stress.  These fun and relaxing processes include movement, sound and breathing exercises that will be practiced during the class.   In addition, ways of thinking and being that provide more of your desired results in life as well as less stress are explored as well.