About Me

Teacher, Energy Worker, Writer and Speaker

Melodie has been both a student and teacher of spiritual truth for many years.
She had a profound transformation during a near-death experience. After this experience, Melodie traveled the world to study, pray and heal with higher consciousness teachers outside as well as inside the United States.  

Melodie has various degrees, credentials and training in many energy and consciousness-raising modalities.  One of her favorite pastimes is public speaking.  “Creating Your Heart’s Desires,”  “Manifesting Prosperity,”  “3-Minute Techniques To Reduce Stress” and “Living The Law Of Attraction” are among her favorite presentations.

As an intuitive reader, Melodie provides answers to many questions including your soul’s purpose in this incarnation. 

She also is experienced in many and various types of balancing and relaxing energy work. She assists individuals in opening to higher levels of consciousness and well-being they can create for themselves.  If individuals so desire, they can bring in a list of what they would like to release or change in their lives to manifest their desires. 

In addition, Melodie assists individuals who desire more harmonious relationships through prayer work as well as energy work.

Melodie is in the process of completing a book that will be available for purchase on this website.